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 Severus Snape's birthday fic

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PostSubject: Severus Snape's birthday fic   Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:56 am

Here's what I wrote for Severus Big Bang!

Title: Surprise
Author: Aleysiasnape
Beta: luvsev and songquake
Cheerleader: n/a
Genre: het, romance, Auish • Rating: nc-17 • Warnings: adult content, graphic sexuality
Pairing: SS/HG/LM • Characters: Severus, Hermione, Lucius
Word Count: 4,451
Summary: I was thinking that Lucius gets Hermione's help to throw Severus a surprise birthday party at the manor.

Surprise Chapter 1

Severus was highly suspicious of his wife, Hermione. He knew she was secretly planning something for his fiftieth birthday, even though he had told her that under no circumstances did he want an elaborate celebration. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he read the note she left for him.


Have taken Sebastian and Lucien over to Harry’s to practice Quidditch. Will be back soon.


He exhaled slowly, knowing that this was possibly a decoy of some sort. He bellowed for a house-elf. “Snowy!”

“Y-yes, Master Severus?”

“Has Hermione gone to Malfoy Manor again?” He asked sternly, towering over the shaking elf.

“Mistress Hermione has told me not to tell…” His eyes widened in horror, noticing the smug expression on Severus’ face.

“I knew the little vixen was up to something! I told her not to throw me a surprise birthday party. Bring Draco here! I don’t care if he’s busy!”

Snowy quickly Disapparated to do as he was instructed.

Severus smirked wickedly, rubbing his hands together. “I’ll get to the bottom of this yet!”

He heard a knock on the door, and hurried towards it. Hoping it was Draco, he opened it immediately, and was quite disappointed to find Minerva standing there.

“Minerva, to what do I owe the pleasure of your company? Perhaps you could tell me what my wife is up to?”

Minerva smiled as she observed the sarcasm in Severus’ voice. She knew what Hermione was planning: A surprise birthday gala for Severus at Malfoy Manor. “She said something about going to Flourish and Blotts for books. Hello, Crookshanks!”

Crookshanks rubbed up against Minerva’s legs, purring loudly.

Severus glared at the cat for distracting Minerva. “Well, I just wish she would come home soon!”

“She said it might take her all day. Here are next week's House schedules,” Minerva said as she produced two parchments and handed them to Severus. She then bid Severus farewell before she headed back to her office.

Snowy had Apparated back with bad news for Severus. “Master Severus, Master Draco is out of the country.” Snowy quickly Disapparated before Severus had the chance to show his temper.

“Damn it all! Well, it looks like it’s just you and me, Crookshanks,” he grumbled irately to the familiar who had taken the liberty of sitting Severus’ lap, purring contently.

Meanwhile, Hermione was going over last minute details with Lucius, who had been distracting her the whole time. Nibbling on her earlobe, speaking huskily to her, “Do you think he would go for a threesome, darling?” He was envious of Severus – marrying Hermione first.

“I-I don’t know! I know he’s hinted at trying something new. When would we …” Her voice drifted off as he pulled her into his lap, and kissing her.

Ever since Narcissa had died and Draco moved out, Lucius had been feeling a bit lonely. He was grateful for the company whenever Hermione or his godsons came to visit.

She sighed contentedly, snuggling into his arms. She couldn’t remember how Lucius had seduced her without Severus finding out. “I’ll have to ask him. And since both boys are in school, it’s been lonely without him. He’s staying busy with Potions research on the side.”

“Ahhh … so that’s why you have agreed to work with me! He’s been neglecting you?” Lucius hinted at Hermoine, rubbing his hands up and down her back. He confessed to her, “It has been lonesome at the Manor as well since Draco has taken over the family business.”

Hermione glanced at the time. “It’s late; I’d better go.” She kissed him before he growled softly in her ear, “And leave me in this state, darling?” She scowled at him, which changed his mind completely. “You’re right, don’t want Severus to get too suspicious now, do we? Maybe we can have dinner tomorrow night to discuss his gift?” Lucius inquired of her.

Smiling, she bent down to caress his cheek. “That would be suitable. Shall we say same time, tomorrow?”

“Agreed. Good night, Hermione.”

“Good night, Lucius.”

When she arrived home, it was later than she had thought. Severus was sitting in his favorite chair – with a bottle of Firewhiskey in his hands. She gently touched his shoulder, startling him a bit. He pulled her quickly into his lap, surprising her.

He kissed her before asking, “Where are the boys?”

“They’re spending the night over at Harry’s. We have the place to ourselves for a change,” she whispered into his ear before licking his earlobe. Lucius had left her all hot and bothered and she wanted relief.

“Good,” He grunted softly as she straddled him. His arms wrapped around her, holding her close to him. They kissed, and he murmured, “Let’s go to bed, darling.” Severus rose, carrying Hermione over his shoulders.

“Severus!” she gasped in excitement.

He gently slapped her on the ass. “Shh, darling, I know you are planning something for my birthday,” he growled softly as he dumped her gently on the bed.

She was stunned, wondering how he could have figured it out so soon. “How…”

“My dear, I was a spy … I have my ways of finding out things,” he replied smugly.

“I was so sure … You wouldn’t mind having a threesome?” she asked.

Blinking, he spoke, “With whom?” Then it dawned on him exactly whom the other person would be. “Oh … Lucius … So has he agreed to it?”

“In a manner of speaking, yes. It was he who suggested the idea. We could do it before your party or …” she stopped, placing a hand over her mouth when she realized she had said too much.

“Ah-ha! I knew it!” he exclaimed, pouncing on his surprised wife.

“It was supposed to be a surprise!” she gasped as he started undressing them.

He kissed her, wrapping his arms around her body as he growled softly, “I’ll act surprised,” before sucking on her neck.

“Oooh …. Severus … Quit teasing me!”

But he continued on teasing her as one of his fingers made its way down to her folds and fingered her. He was shocked that she was wet and ready for him as he positioned himself in-between her legs and entered her, starting the rhythm fast. He was surprised that she was keeping up with him. “Yes … right there …” His mind drifted off, wondering what it would be like to have a threesome. She moaned in pleasure as he suckled on her breast.

Hermione wrapped her legs around him, urging him to go faster. “Almost there … more …” she gasped for breath as he pulled her legs over his shoulders. They both came hard, crying out one another’s names.

Collapsing on top of her, he panted softly in her ear, “Damn … that was –“

“I know! Good! We haven’t done anything like that in a long time, Severus … Severus?” She glanced at him, and saw that he was fast asleep.

She pushed the hair away from his face as he snored lightly.
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PostSubject: Re: Severus Snape's birthday fic   Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:57 am

Surprise Chapter 2

“Shhh … ‘Bastian, do you want to wake Mom and Dad?” Lucien hissed at his older brother. Scorpius had tagged along to keep an eye out for his goduncle and godaunt.

“Just exactly where are we going to hide Uncle Severus’ birthday gift? He knows this place like the back of his hand!” Scorpius grumbled softly as the teenagers turned around, scowling at him.

“Quiet! I know Dad has a curious streak in him. We’ll just have to come up and - -“

“Boys! What are you doing here?” Hermione asked curiously as she stepped out of the bedroom.

“Um … well, we’re supposed to be hiding Dad’s gift. Is he still sleeping?” Sebastian asked his mother.

“No! Lucky for you, he’s taking a shower. I suggest you go back with Scorpius and hide it over at Draco’s. That way he can’t find it.”

“Told you so!” Scorpius replied smugly. He had suggested the idea earlier, but both of them had turned it down.

“Well, it was worth a try! Bye, Mom!” They hugged her as they reactivated the Floo.

Frowning, Severus stepped out of the shower asking Hermione, “Was that the boys?”

“Yes, they were going over to Scorpius’ for a while – to keep him company while Draco is away on his trip.”

They ate breakfast in silence as Severus read the daily prophet. “Can you believe Skeeter is still writing this trash?”

Hermione coughed as she remembered what Rita had written her fourth year at Hogwarts.

“Are you alright, dear? Lucius didn’t invite her, did he?” he leaned in, questioning her.

“No! I certainly hope not. I’ll just have to ask him when I see him later tonight – Oops!”

Dabbing the napkin at his mouth, he neatly folded the paper, and calmly strolled over to where she sat, pecking her on the cheek. “No worries, love. As long as you come back home to me!”

Breathing a sigh of relief, she watched him disappear into the lab. She busied herself by doing some research, and wrapping Severus’ gift. Noticing the time, she got ready to meet Lucius for dinner.

She fretted constantly as she prepared. “What am I going to say to him? Lucius … he knows.” She shook her head and whispered, “Lucius, he figured it out.” Sighing, she Apparated to Malfoy Manor.

Lucius was waiting for her when she appeared. Hermione noticed that he was eyeing her appreciatively from head to toe like he was ready to devour her. Sensing that something was wrong, he opened his arms wide to receive her. She quickly went to him. “My darling, you look exquisite! But I sense something is wrong. What is it?” he murmured kissing her on the lips.

She clung to his robes as he escorted her to the dining room table. “He knows Lucius …”

“About the threesome? I know you had to ask him to get permission, Hermione … oh, the party. Damn,” Lucius said as he realized what she was trying to tell him.

She replied, “I don’t know how he figured it out. But he did! It’s quite annoying actually. It was supposed to be a surprise for him. Where did I go wrong?”

“Shhhh … it’s in his nature to find out things, dearest.”

“It was the note that I left him. I knew … well, I was hoping that he would …” Her voice drifted off as he distracted her by kissing her mouth again.

With Lucius pulling out the chair for her, she sat down to a delicious meal. Lucius sat down next to her and they started eating. “What did you get him?” he asked, pouring them some wine.
“Well, I bought him two rare books. And you?”

He smirked, “Rare potion ingredients.”

Hermione, noticing the silence, spoke up, “Is Draco going to be at the party?”

Taking a sip of wine Lucius replied, “Yes. He’s the one bringing Severus’ gift.”

The Floo activated, startling them both, revealing a disheveled-looking Draco dragging Severus’ gift behind him.

Lucius dabbed his mouth and folded his napkin before rising to greet his son “Draco, you look exhausted.”

“Father? Hermione? Are you two conspiring again?”

“Yes,” they answered simultaneously.

“For Uncle’s surprise birthday party?”

They looked at each other before replying to Draco, “He knows.”

“Shite! How did he find out? No, let me guess … he figured it out on his own?”

They both nodded yes as Draco sat down in the chair.

“IPSY!” Lucius bellowed for the house-elf.

“Yes, Master Lucius?”

“An extra place setting for Draco.” Turning to Draco, he said, “You must be famished.”

“Yes, Father, I’m starving.”

They sat down to finish their meal. “So, Hermione, how are Sebastian and Lucien?” Draco asked.

“They are doing fine. Staying with Scorpius for a while. However, they did spend the night at Harry’s.”

After dinner, Draco bade them good night as he retired to his old bedroom.

Lucius escorted her to the study for brandy.

“I must be getting back. He will start to worry.”

He pulled her close to him, kissing her.

“We wouldn’t want that, now would we?” Lucius growled softly in her ear.

“I would love to stay. Perhaps I could persuade him to have a threesome every night?”

“Oh, you naughty little witch! If Draco knew about this, he would want in, too! Oh well … good night, Hermione.”

“Good night, Lucius.”

Severus practically pounced on his wife as she exited the Floo. “What took you so long?” he growled.

“Sorry darling, we were going over last minute details of your surprise birthday party. And you must act surprised!”

“Ahhhh … and what were those exactly?” he inquired her, drawing her close to him, kissing her.

“You know I can’t …” she panted softly under his ministrations.

He picked her up, carried her to the bedroom, and murmured, ‘Divesto’ removing their clothes. “What can I expect?” he interrogated her as he licked and sucked her body.

She moaned softly, trying not to give into his demands. “Can’t reveal anything else to you.” He glanced up to see Hermione’s eyes close.
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PostSubject: Re: Severus Snape's birthday fic   Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:59 am

Surprise Chapter 3

Hermione quietly rose from the bed, not wanting to wake Severus. She spared a glance for her husband, who was sprawled out, sleeping. She stopped herself from shaking him awake.

Sighing, she knew that she would have to figure out when and where the threesome was going to take place. “Well, I know the where part: in Lucius’ bedroom.” She smirked, stepping into the shower to get ready for the day’s activities.

Severus woke up and reached out for Hermione, only to find her side of the bed empty. Frowning, he propped himself up and listened for a clue as to where she might be. He heard running water and immediately thought, “the shower.” Severus rose from the bed naked and erect. ”So, she thinks that she is going to avoid me?”

He stealthily made his way towards the bathroom and into the shower. Noticing that Hermione was not paying attention, he startled her.

“Severus, you scared me!” she exclaimed before kissing him on the lips.

“Now, about those presents?”

“Oh no! They are supposed to be a surprise …” Her voice faltered as his finger made its way down to her folds, checking her to see if she was wet enough before he had his way with her.

He fingered her as she was holding onto his arm. “Oh… Sev…,” she moaned as he finally thrust up into her.

“This is for leaving me in the bed all alone this morning, witch,” he growled before he took her up against the shower wall.

“Oh Sev … we haven’t done this in awhile … in the shower …” she panted.

“You do know what today is, don’t you, love?”

“Y-your birthday! Oh, Severus, right there … I’m so close!”

“Not yet, love … Are you seeing Lucius today?”

“Yes … you need to go … with me …” she panted, changing her mind about the plan.

Satisfied with the answers he had gotten from her, he climaxed hard within her, Hermione following close behind him.

At the Manor, Draco spied a book he didn’t recall seeing in the library. Curiosity got the better of him, and he picked it up reading the title, “Triad Relationships? What the bloody hell is father thinking?”

His eyes widened as it dawned on him exactly who his father wanted. “Hermione? He wants….” He dropped the book to the floor as he heard someone approaching.

“Draco, where are you? We need to prepare for tonight,” Lucius called out from the hallway.

He quickly put the book in its place. “Coming, Father.” Draco wondered exactly what his father had in store for his uncle and Hermione. He exited the study quickly, almost bumping into his father.

Eyebrows raised in curiosity he drawled, “Draco, what were you doing in there?”

“Ummm … finding a place for Uncle Severus’ gift,” he replied, trying not to look so nervous. He’d just have to ask his father about the book later.

“Let’s eat breakfast first and wait for Hermione to arrive,” Lucius spoke as they strode down the hallway towards the dining area.

They ate breakfast in silence, with Draco glancing up at his father occasionally.

Lucius couldn’t take it anymore and finally asked Draco, “What is it?”

“Why are you reading a book on triad relationships?” he blurted out before he realized what he was saying.

Lucius smirked. “I’m reading it for a research project.”

“And does it include Hermione?” Draco questioned his father.

Before Lucius could answer that question, Scorpius, Sebastian, and Lucien arrived.

“Boys, it’s good to see you!” Lucius exclaimed, rising from his chair. He dropped his napkin on the table in order to greet them. This gave him an excuse not to answer Draco’s question.

“Hello, Grandfather. Godfather,” They spoke in unison.

“Mom sent us to help out with the decorations,” Scorpius told them as he held out several bags.

Lucius and Draco looked at each other wondering where they were supposed to set up the surprise party.

“Well, we could use the west wing,” Lucius said his finger tapping his chin in thought. “And if Severus does come with Hermione, he won’t be any the wiser.”

“Good idea! Scorpius, you know where to go. Why don’t the three of you get started?” Draco said, ushering them towards the west wing of the manor.

Lucius was wondering why Draco asked about the book. “He’s probably thinking that I’m up to no good again.”

“Draco, this was Hermione’s idea,” He finally responded to Draco’s earlier question.

“Hermione’s idea? And Uncle Severus went for it?”

“Well, in a manner of speaking … yes, she did! She felt it was a time for a change in their relationship since the boys are almost out of Hogwarts and will be attending university.”

“Ahhh …” Draco responded, being completely calm about the whole thing.

The Floo activated and out stepped Blaise Zabini. “Blaise, good of you to come!” Draco exclaimed, hugging his friend.

“I thought you could use an extra hand. Do we need to keep Professor Snape occupied until the surprise birthday party?” Blaise asked them.

“I think father has that part covered. The boys are setting up in the west wing,” Draco said, showing Blaise the way and leaving Lucius alone.

Lucius breathed a sigh of relief once they were gone. He eased himself into his favorite chair, picking up the Daily Prophet. He was a little nervous about the upcoming activities he had planned for Hermione and Severus. He knew how possessive Severus could be, and was surprised that he went along with the idea.

“He must be doing this to keep Hermione happy,” he thought to himself, not hearing the Floo being activated for the third time that morning.

Out stepped Hermione, and she had Severus in tow. Severus, once at Malfoy Manor was on full alert, listening for the slightest sound of a party being prepared in his honor.

Hermione quietly went over to Lucius’ chair and touched his shoulder, startling him a bit. “I’m sorry,” she said softly as he kissed her hand.

“Do you want the threesome now or shall it be after the festivities tonight?” Lucius whispered.

“Well, that’s really up to Severus. Since it’s his birthday, we should let him decide.”

“Ahem. I’m still in the room. And yes, we should do it before the guests arrive.”
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PostSubject: Re: Severus Snape's birthday fic   Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:00 am

Surprise Chapter 4

They moved to the study, where Lucius poured each of them a measure of brandy. “So when are we going to do the dirty deed?” Lucius drawled as he took a sip of brandy, staring at them intently.

Hermione blushed as she glanced at Severus, who was deep in thought. “How about now? The party won’t start right away, will it?” he finally answered.

Lucius nodded and replied, “I have people working on it now.” He spoke calmly as he rose from his chair, placing his empty glass on the table. “Shall we adjourn to my bedroom?”

Murmuring their agreement, they followed him to his bedroom. Severus’ mind was working overtime as to what Lucius was really up to. He desperately tried to ignore the bulge in his pants as he followed his sexy wife.

Once in the bedroom, Hermione caught them by surprise as she whipped her wand out, muttering “Divesto” to make their clothes disappear.

“Hermione!” both men exclaimed in astonishment as she grinned at them, noticing that both men were erect. She slowly, deliberately, stripped off her clothes, arousing them even more.

“Beautiful… simply beautiful…” Lucius whispered, staring at her.

“Well … are you just going to ogle me all day?” Hermione queried, making herself comfortable on Lucius’ four-poster bed.

They glanced at each other before pouncing on her, each taking a side as they teased, licked and sucked. Hermione gasped in pleasure as Lucius got on his knees to lap up her juices.

“Whom do you want first, dear?” Severus asked hoarsely as she sucked his cock.

She looked up, saying huskily, “It’s your birthday gift, Severus: what do you want?”

“Your ass, you naughty little minx,” he growled as he slapped her ass.

Moaning in pleasure as Lucius licked and sucked her clit, “I think she’s ready, Severus,” Lucius drawled as he crawled up her body, kissing her along the way up to her lips.

Lucius held her steady as Severus prepared Hermione, using plenty of lubrication on her asshole. “Relax, Hermione.” Lucius whispered softly in her ear as he felt her tensing up.

“Now, spread your legs, dear, and relax,” Severus growled, spanking her gently before positioning himself in-between her legs.
He eased himself in slowly hearing Hermione gasping.

“Relax, darling. He’s almost in,” Lucius replied hoarsely. He was patiently waiting for Severus to finish.

Severus grunted as he finally entered her. “How do you feel?”

Hermione took a couple of deep breaths replied back, “Full. Now you, Lucius …” she moaned as Severus flipped them over.

Lucius got in-between her legs and thrust up in her as she moaned in pleasure. They found a rhythm they all liked and went for it. After a while, Lucius was on top of her and Severus was behind her. Then they wound up on their sides. The wizards started speeding up and to their surprise, she kept up, the three of them orgasming hard together.

Hermione collapsed in Lucius’ arms, trying to catch her breath.

Severus laid next to them. He enjoyed it and wanted more, but needed to catch his breath first.

Lucius raised his eyebrow, “Well, Severus, did you find the threesome enjoyable? Maybe, possibly, want more?”

Hermione’s eyes widened, “Surely he’s not asking … her thoughts trailed off.

Severus glanced at Lucius. “Let me think about this. Hermione ...”

“What?” she asked coyly, snuggling up to Lucius.

“You’re not suggesting that we…” Severus paused as Lucius kissed Hermione on the lips. “Oh, hell, why not? You two have persuaded me,” Severus grumbled, his arms crossed.

Lucius grinned and then glanced at the time. “Get ready, our guests are waiting on us! Hermione, do you want to escort him in?” He spoke hastily as they scourgified and dressed quickly.

“I’ll do it. Go ahead, Lucius.”

“So where exactly is this party--” Severus stopped as Hermione put a blindfold on him.

“A blindfold? Is this really necessary?”

“Yes. Now, hold onto my arm. We are going to walk there.”

“Walk? You mean the party is here?” he groaned softly, wondering what exactly they had cooked up for him.

Lucius had found the boys and the guests already in hiding. “Draco, where are you?”

“Here, Dad!” Draco exclaimed as he stood up from behind a couch.

“Hermione placed a blindfold over his eyes. So there’s no reason to hide.”

“But wouldn’t that spoil the surprise?”

“No! But still it’s a suggestion.”

Lucien stepped up and whispered, “Mom and dad are here.”

Lucius cursed softly as Draco led him to his spot.

“Now, Severus, we have to go through one more door,” Hermione spoke gently to him as she slid the doors open.

“SURPRISE!” everyone yelled, as he removed the blindfold, acting surprised about the whole thing.

“Happy Birthday!” Sebastian and Lucien presented their present to him.

He ripped the paper off the present, noticing that they had given him a silver cauldron. He raised his eyebrows at them, knowing that this cauldron was very expensive.

He eagerly tore open everyone’s presents which only left Lucius’ and Hermione’s.

Hermione nervously handed him her present to him, kissing him as she said, “Happy birthday, dear.”

He tore the wrapping paper off her gifts, realizing that the presents he was getting from her were books. He was surprised when he recognized the titles. “Thank you, love,” He drew her into an embrace, kissing her.

“Ewwwww … Dad, Mom, get a room!” both their boys exclaimed in disgust.

And then Severus looked towards Lucius, who had his gift ready for him. He quickly unwrapped it, not expecting to receive such rare gifts: Potions ingredients, phoenix tears and dragon’s hearts.


“Do not ask me now, Severus. I’ll tell you later,” Lucius whispered to his old friend.

Much to Severus’ dismay, the cake, which Harry and Ron were carrying, displayed the number 50 and was surrounded by lit candles.

“Potter… you had to rope him into this?” he growled softly at Hermione.

Hermione smiled sweetly, knowing that he might punish her later in the bedroom.

They all sang Happy Birthday to Severus and waited for him to blow out the candles. He thought, “Oh, what the hell.” Closing his eyes, he made a wish and blew. Everyone gasped as he blew out all the candles.

Pulling his wife to one side, he muttered to her, “No more surprise birthday parties witch. I will not have one at my 60th.”

“But …”

“No but’s.” He grinned.

“You had me going there for a moment, Severus,” she spoke softly.

Lucius approached them as the guests mingled and ate. “Did you get everything you wished for, old friend?”

“Yes. I received exactly what I wished for.”
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PostSubject: Re: Severus Snape's birthday fic   Wed Jan 13, 2010 7:49 am

great story! Happy Birthday indeed Smile


siggy by Smirkish - I love ya!
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PostSubject: Re: Severus Snape's birthday fic   Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:47 am

*grins* Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Severus Snape's birthday fic   

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Severus Snape's birthday fic
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