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 The Holiday Blues

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PostSubject: The Holiday Blues   Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:51 am

Summary: Severus Snape receives an unexpected gift. Many thanks go to my beta, Songquake!

Severus Snape sighed as he shuffled papers on his desk. At Minerva’s insistence, and much to his dislike, he had retaken his position as headmaster of Hogwarts. He had wanted to open up an apothecary shop but no, that plan was now on hold. He was miserable since Christmas was approaching, and he had no desire to spend the holiday with anyone.

He accidentally dropped a piece of unopened mail on the floor and cursed softly. He bent down to pick it up and was surprised to see that it was from Lucius Malfoy. He had lost his wife during the war, and Severus was surprised that his old friend was already up to having company.

He quickly opened the invitation. It read:

You are cordially invited to attend dinner with the Malfoys on Christmas Day.

Lucius and Hermione Malfoy

He blinked as he read the invite again. When did that bastard get married to Miss Granger? Of all people! he fumed, shocked. He had thought that the aristocratic blond was still in mourning. Obviously, he got over Narcissa’s death quickly.

Still, he sent his reply to them, curious as to why they married and what they would have in store for him once he arrived at Malfoy Manor.


Christmas Day had come, and Severus was, of course, dressed in his headmaster’s robes as he Flooed from his rooms to Malfoy Manor.

Hermione was there, waiting anxiously for Severus to arrive. Lucius had told her he had a surprise for Severus, and she secretly hoped that he would like it. The present had been arranged after she had persuaded Lucius, as she knew that it was something Severus loved to do.

“Miss Granger, or shall I call you Mrs. Malfoy now?” Severus questioned her, humorously tilting his head to one side.

She blushed, knowing that she had a lot of explaining to do: how she had consoled Lucius during his time of grief, and then the unexpected elopement, which of course had Draco’s blessing. He did not want to see his father unhappy.

“Hermione, please, Lucius is waiting for us in the dining hall. It's only the three of us; Draco has taken the rest of the family back to his place.” Hermione took Severus’ arm as she escorted him to the table.

Severus raised an eyebrow curiously at this, wondering whether Lucius was up to something.

“Ahhh, Severus, it's good to see you! Please sit and dine with us. All will be explained shortly.”

They ate in silence, and Hermione noticed a foot rubbing up and down her leg underneath the table. She glanced up sharply at her husband wondering if it was his. But he was too busy staring at his plate as he sipped on wine. She glanced at Severus, noticing that he, too, kept a straight face.

She sighed softly and went back to eating. Lucius knew what was on her mind. She specifically told me that she wants a threesome with Severus. And I’m wondering if he would actually go through with it. My wife can be very persuasive, the naughty little vixen, he thought smugly as he continued to sip his wine.

After dinner, they sat around the Christmas tree, unwrapping presents. Severus was surprised that he had one from the both of them. Curiosity took over as he unwrapped the gift, noticing it was a rolled parchment.

“Open it, old friend, and you will be surprised,” Lucius drawled as he sipped on his wine.

When Severus did, he was surprised to find a deed to an apothecary shop and a private lab to do potions research in his name. “I don’t know how to thank you for this.” His voice wavered just a bit.

“Well, I know you had your heart set on opening your own business.”

“Thank you,” Severus murmured again to Hermione, who had bent over to kiss him on the lips.

Severus raised an eyebrow again curiously, wondering why Lucius was allowing this.

“Hermione would like to know if you'd care to join us… in the bedroom?” Lucius inquired of his friend as he rose from his seat.

“A threesome, Lucius – you are allowing this?” Severus questioned him.

“I did have a crush on you for the longest time, Severus,” Hermione whispered into his ear, sending shivers down his spine.

“How can I refuse such an invitation?” he murmured back to her as he took her in his arms for a kiss.

“Ahem… I promised her that at least we would make it up to the bedroom and into the bed before …” Lucius’ voice drifted off as Hermione began to strip Severus’ clothes off of him.

Severus stopped her before she could take his trousers off. “Now, pet, we don’t want to rush into this.”

Hermione pouted at this, causing Lucius to stroll over to his wife and calmly pick her up in his arms. Severus followed the pair upstairs to Lucius’ master suite.

She had wrapped her arms around her husband's neck, playfully nipping at his earlobe, almost causing him to drop her on the floor.

“Hermione, play nicely,” he hissed softly before kissing her. She was caressing his back and had his hair loosened from its tie before they had made it inside the bedroom. “We are trying to cheer Severus up, Hermione,” he whispered softly in her ear before he set her down by his side.

They heard an “ahem” and turned to see Severus standing before them, naked, with his arms crossed. “I didn’t expect a miracle from you, Lucius. I can retire happy and away from Hogwarts.”

“True, but who are you going to hire as a replacement?” Lucius asked curiously, tilting his head to one side. He had forgotten Hermione, who was presently kissing Severus to get his mind off of his current situation.


“Shh… she’s enjoying this, Lucius,” Severus moaned softly as she ran her tongue across his nipples. Severus stopped her long enough to pull her flush against his body, giving her a steamy kiss.

“Maybe appoint Filius as headmaster?” Lucius murmured in amusement, noticing Severus’ scowl.

“It was a suggestion. Slughorn perhaps?”

“Now I know you are joking, Lucius,” Severus hissed, as Hermione licked his erect cock.

Lucius approached his wife and calmly steered her towards the bed. “No protesting, wife! I did promise you that we would make it to the bed first!” he reminded her sternly.

Severus approached the bed as Hermione made herself comfortable on the pillows. She crooked her finger at both of them, motioning for them to join her. Severus took the opportunity to kiss her hand before climbing on the bed next to her.

Lucius’ finger had made its way into her folds, making sure she was wet enough for Severus. He glanced up making sure Severus saw that it was okay for him to go first, knowing it was a bit awkward.

Severus immediately took a position between Hermione’s legs. She felt him pushing gently into her and wrapped her legs around his waist, urging him to go deeper. He then rolled them both over, surprising her.

Lucius grabbed a bottle of lubricant, knowing this was the first time for his wife. He fingered her arse, stretching her, letting her get used to it as she mewed out softly and arched her body. Severus grabbed Hermione’s hips to still her movement, knowing that Lucius was preparing to thrust into her arse.

But Lucius gently eased himself into his wife’s arsehole, feeling it tightening around his cock. He started massaging his wife’s back, trying to relax her enough so he could push all the way in. “Are you all right, love?” he murmured softly to her as she moaned in pleasure into Severus’ ear.

She felt him slide all the way in. “Feels so full. I’m fine, just move!” she grunted out softly as the men started with a slow rhythm.

Hermione kissed Severus as she kept time with them. Lucius didn’t have to help her much as she adjusted quickly, arching her back in-between the two, much to their surprise, and the three orgasmed hard together. They collapsed next to one another, trying to catch their breath.

“Severus, are you all right?” Hermione inquired noticing the fine sheen of sweat pouring off Severus’ brow.

Severus, who had finally caught his breath, replied to Hermione, “Yes, very much. By some miracle, I have received both gifts and companionship to cherish for a lifetime.”
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The Holiday Blues
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