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 1989 - January Man

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PostSubject: 1989 - January Man   1989 - January Man EmptySun Nov 22, 2009 12:37 pm

Alan as Ed

1989 - January Man Alanjanman

Quote :
I watched "January Man" this evening and found yet another one of Alan Rickman's scene steeling venues. The movie itself does not rank a great deal of merit in spite of big name actors working with poor screen writing and terrible special effects. The woman (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) who played Maid Marion to AR's George Sheriff of Nottingham was the other saving grace of this film. Alan Rickman as "Ed" the artist gave some wit and humor to his character that was accomplished by facial statements and short but dry humorous lines. He took what could have been a very disappointing movie and gave it some character. He was a shadow to hold up the lead character of Kevin Kline.

Alan Rickman can produce a comedic character as equally well as his Hans Gruber rolls. He is a great actor who stands out even in the worst of situations. He is diversified in talent. If you take this movie for exactly what it is, "a non analyzing comedy", then you will enjoy it. It is a relaxing chuckle or two.

Quote :
As New York counts down the final seconds of the year, a serial killer murders the best friend of the Mayor's daughter (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). At a loss to the identity of the killer, the mayor tells The Police Commissioner (Harvey Keitel) to reinstate his super-sleuth brother, Nick (Kevin Kline), to find the killer. Without a qualm, Nick gives up a promising career as a fireman and ropes in the mayor's daughter and his next-door neighbor (Alan Rickman) to find this dastardly killer.

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1989 - January Man
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