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 1991 - Close My Eyes

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PostSubject: 1991 - Close My Eyes   1991 - Close My Eyes EmptySun Nov 22, 2009 12:55 pm

Alan as Sinclair

1991 - Close My Eyes Closelrg

Quote :
Synopsis: Set in present day, older sister falls for brother. A few years later, when she is married, she ignites the affair and the film follows the liaison and husband's gradual realisation and reaction to the relationship.

Despite the subject matter, which some may find offensive, I find it hard to contain my enthusiasm for this great Stephen Poliakoff film. The plot is well constructed, the performances of the three lead stars -- Alan Rickman, Saskia Reeves and Clive Owen -- outstanding, and the filming very evocative of a hot summer in London.

Sinclair, a part written for Rickman, is a character who seemingly has an opinion about everything a feature in stark contrast to his initial ignorance at being cuckolded.

Wonderful scenes feature the dishwasher boiling over, talking to himself in an empty supermarket and searching the wardrobe as he realises his wife is unfaithful.

You know he knows what is going on, but can't admit it. Even in the final confrontation he says "I don't want to hear it," reflecting current public opinion on the taboo subject.

For Rickmaniacs it features the earliest of the on-film Rickman bedroom scenes, the full kit-off being reserved for Reeves and Owen. It remains a great mystery, especially to �maniacs, that the wife finds her brother the more attractive of the two!

This film has no need of the video fast forward as it is eminently entertaining in its own right. Well deserving of the Best Film and Actor (Rickman) London Evening Standard awards it won in 1991. If you want to see Rickman in a modern day setting, this is the film, if you find the subject matter offensive, steel yourself to view it before you prejudge.

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1991 - Close My Eyes
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