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 1996 - Michael Collins

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PostSubject: 1996 - Michael Collins   1996 - Michael Collins EmptySun Nov 22, 2009 1:20 pm

Alan as Eamon De Valera

1996 - Michael Collins Mcfence

Quote :
Synopsis: The story of Ireland's attempt to overcome oppressive British rule and set up a Republic

Background: As a lesson in recent Irish history this film tries hard to be faithful to events, but fails where scenes have been beefed up for dramatic effect (e.g., the massacre at the football match). Director Neil Jordan battled for over 10 years to get this project off the ground and it is obviously a labour of love.

The cast are impressive particularly Neeson, Rickman, Rea and Quinn, with the only disappointment being Julia Roberts and the inadequacies of her Irish accent.

Rickman is outstanding as Eamon de Valera and must have researched the role extensively. In fact the likeness and attention to detail are wonderful. His is a strong and dominant performance. Even in scenes with Neeson (normally a scene-stealer himself) it is Rickman who holds your attention. Note the scene where Neeson and Rickman are discussing the terms of the treaty, which have been negotiated with the British - Rickman's reactions and hands are wonderful. There is also the characteristic humour injection as Rickman discretely takes a copy of the keys during communion in Lincoln jail and the jailbreak with Rickman dresses up in fur coat, high heels and a hat! It is a very brave performance. Rickman's first scene on set was an historic and emotional speech to a crowd of 3000 unpaid Irish extras without rehearsal - What a guy!

Whether de Valera was instrumental in Michael Collins' death will never be known. However the film is educational (a British force of occupation was certainly not always very pleasant to the locals) and despite the controversial subject matter, very enlightening.

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1996 - Michael Collins
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