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 Lord Malfoy's Masquerade Ball

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PostSubject: Lord Malfoy's Masquerade Ball   Fri Dec 04, 2009 4:09 am

Title: Lord Malfoy’s Masquerade Ball
Author/LJ name: aleysiasnape
Ship: lm/hg/ss
Warnings: threesomes, Auish, a kissing scene between ss/lm
Word Count: 1,249
A/N: Do not own the characters. I really had fun writing this! Many thanks to my betas: Songquake and Luciannamalfoy.

Hermione Granger exited her carriage at Malfoy Manor. She was impressed that Lucius had decorated his home in the style of the French Baroque era and that all the guests were required to wear masks and costumes. She was dressed in a pale blue Madame Pompadour outfit. Her pale blue mask covered half her face as she weaved in and out of the crowd, looking for two Slytherin men in particular: Lucius and Severus. Each had promised to dance with her at the ball.

She found them sitting in a corner of the ballroom drinking champagne and smoking cigars. She eyed their costumes appreciatively, remembering to breathe. She admired Lucius’ costume: he was dressed as Louis XVI in a red velvet and gold tapestry frock coat with gold metallic buttons. She also noticed that his mask was red and that he wore a wig and hat to complement his silver cane which was lying by his side.

She glanced over at Severus, seeing that he was wearing a maroon wool frock coat with velvet cuffs, and noting that he also wore a dark mask and had his hat lying to one side. “Is that a pirate shirt underneath his coat?” she pondered as she slowly made her way to the men. As she approached them, she remembered to curtsey.

They acknowledged her by standing up. “Hermione! So delightful that you could join us,” Lucius said, and motioned for her to sit with him.

“You look exquisite, my darling!” Severus exclaimed eagerly, motioning for her to sit with him.

“Ahhhmmmm, it is going to be difficult to choose!” she exclaimed. She blushed as she looked them over again, trying to decide which one to sit with.

“I think we should make this easier on her and just skip the dance altogether,” Lucius murmured to Severus as they walked closer to her.

“Agreed. Draco can handle the guests. This is by far more important to us!” Severus exclaimed as he took Hermione by the arm, following Lucius upstairs.

“So we are not going to dance?” Hermione said reluctantly as she clutched Severus’ arm.

Severus chuckled softly, intoning, “No, Hermione. You are quite safe with the two of us here. Lucius dreaded that some young wizard would have swept you away from us this evening.”

Lucius heard Hermione laugh and inform them, “Draco took care of that problem as soon as I got here.”

Raising one eyebrow questioningly, Severus inquired, “He did? Pray tell. Who was it?”

“Jealous, are we? It was Blaise Zabini and Adrian Pucey.”

“Here we are, my dear.” Lucius gestured toward his bedroom. He made a mental note about having a chat with the two young men later.

Hermione, not knowing what the two of them had in mind, was a bit apprehensive as she stood in the middle of the bedroom. “Are they going to keep the costumes on or…” her thoughts drifted off as she started to say to them, “How exactly are you going to…” before the two whipped their wands out, shouting, “Divesto!”

“My costume!” she shrieked out in alarm as they divestoed their own clothing. But they left the masks on, as they noticed Hermione raising a hand to her face to see if her mask was still there.

“Your costume is right over there, folded neatly in the chair, dearest. We didn’t know if you wanted to do this fully clothed or not,” Lucius cooed softly to her as he pulled her flush towards his body, kissing her.

“Ahem. I’m feeling a bit left out here.” Severus muttered softly before Hermione sashayed her way up to him, kissing him.

“No, I don’t mind. The masks are fine. Now, how are we going to handle this?” she purred in Severus’ ear as she gently rubbed his nipple. His response was a soft groan as he picked her up and gently carried her to Lucius’ luxurious bed. “Minx,” he growled softly to her before plopping her in the middle of the bed.

She watched as Severus and Lucius kissed each other before they turned their attentions on her as they slowly crawled their way up the bed towards her. She panted softly, turned on by their hot, steamy kiss. “Now, my dear, let us surprise you,” Lucius growled huskily in her ear as they licked and sucked at her body.

She, in turn, fondled and stroked their erections as they groaned softly together. Hermione gasped in surprise as one of Lucius’ fingers found their way down to her folds and slipped in, gently massaging her clit as Severus kissed and suckled her breast. She moved her hips up and down, trying to get closer to Lucius’ finger. “More…” she panted out to them.

Lucius, still fingering her, noticed that she was wet enough for him as he caught Severus’ eye.

“More what, dearest?” Severus growled softly in her ear as he moved his hips in time with her hand.

“Both of you inside me, now!” she demanded, noticing that her orgasm was approaching quickly as Lucius switched to using his mouth, licking up her juices. She threw her head back and mewled out softly to their advances.

“Come for me, Hermione.” Lucius spoke softly as he turned his attention back to sucking on her clitoris.

She screamed out both of their names as she orgasmed hard. Lucius positioned himself between her legs and thrust quickly inside her, kissing her.

“Yes…more…” she murmured as Lucius flipped over onto his back so Severus could join in.

Severus saw the opportunity and positioned himself behind Hermione, lube in hand. He made sure she was adequately lubricated for him as he fingered her asshole. He bent down, whispering to her, “Relax yourself, my darling.”

Hermione, knowing what Severus was going to do, relaxed her whole body as she felt him pushing himself in. She let out her breath once he was fully in her.

Concerned, Lucius asked softly, “Are you alright, dearest?”

“I’m fine. Let me take a moment to get used to this,” she murmured back to him as she buried her face in his shoulder.

“Look at us Hermione,” Severus whispered in her ear as he bent down to kiss Lucius again to get her mind off of him.

She sighed softly, watching them kiss and Severus felt her move in between them, wanting in on in the action. Their hands moved up and down her body, massaging her breasts and clit. Her breathing became ragged as she felt her second orgasm approaching quickly.

“Oh…I want…both of you…to come with me…” she grunted out softly as they sped the rhythm up.

“HERMIONE!” they shouted as they climaxed together. Exhausted, they collapsed on the bed trying to catch their breaths.

“Shouldn’t we be attending to the guests?” Hermione asked Lucius in concern as she noticed the time on the mantel’s clock.

He kissed her, murmuring, “Draco can handle it. After all, I gave him explicit instructions that we were not to be disturbed once you arrived at the party.”

“So all of this was planned?” she questioned them curiously.

Severus kissed her, murmuring, “It was the only way we could spend time with you on this Halloween night.”
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PostSubject: Re: Lord Malfoy's Masquerade Ball   Fri Dec 04, 2009 4:29 am

I need a cold shower..... or both of thse sexy Slytherins in my bed Wink


siggy by Smirkish - I love ya!
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PostSubject: Re: Lord Malfoy's Masquerade Ball   Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:06 am

I agree! I've been having dreams about both of them.
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PostSubject: Re: Lord Malfoy's Masquerade Ball   

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Lord Malfoy's Masquerade Ball
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